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fast and effective
skin care and
wound healing
With expertise and experience of over 15 years, Real Collagen™
is committed to developing innovative modalities for effective healing all types of wounds on the basis of pure fish collagen.

We have developed a technology based on catalysed hydration that allows obtaining native tropocollagen from fish skin.
Several studies confirmed the intact structure of the molecule in the obtained tropocollagen - the triple helix, thanks to which
the tropocollagen is bioactive. This is what distinguishes
our method of obtaining collagen among others.

Also, the raw material we use is superior to bovine, porcine and equine materials used by other manufacturers. We obtain the collagen from fish skin of carefully selected fish species. First of all, unlike the other materials, it does not pose risk to humans.
Secondly, fish skin has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. What is more,
collagen in the fish skin is "young" (only narrowly cross-linked) and it contains melanin.

Due to the kind and quality of raw materials combined with the unique method of obtaining the biomaterial, the collagen we produce has all valuable properties of native tropocollagen. It also meets all standards required by regulations for this kind of products. Numerous lab tests and analyses conducted by independent entities demonstrated that the collagen is safe. Its purity, stability and sterility have been confirmed.
Our collagen can be used both as a valuable bioactive ingredient of cosmetics and as a unique innovative wound dressing.

The problem of wound care is still a challenge all over the world in the 21st century. Unfortunately, among the dressings available today, there is not a dressing that is totally resorbable, fully heals the wound, is easy to use for the patients and is acceptable in terms of price.
Real Collagen™ is able to offer the best solution. We can provide an effective universal dressing: for every type of wound, available for every patient, easy to apply by oneself regardless of the patient's health. We have created a wound dressing of excellent quality, not only in the form of hydrogel, but also lyophlizate in the form of sponge, from pure collagen. Clinical trials with the use of our dressing demonstrated their high effectiveness, even in the case of non-healing wounds.

We will welcome business partners who share our goals and are interested in cooperation to universalise our unique products.

Collagen is a major structural protein in the human body. It constitutes 30% of its proteins. It plays an essential role in the body. It takes part in the formation of tissue and organs, it is necessary for the processes of repair and regeneration of all the tissue.
Collagen is widely used in medicine:
  • increases the absorption of drugs as a drug carrier
  • is used for burn treatment and skin reconstruction
  • is used for treating pressure ulcers and indolent wounds
  • supports the treatment of joints, tendons and muscles
  • regenerates the bone structure
  • supports the treatment of psoriasis
  • supports eye treatment
  • supports cancer therapies
  • is used in dental treatment
It is also used for cosmetic purposes thanks to the following effects:
  • slowing down the aging processes of the skin
  • moisturising the skin
  • improving elasticity, firmness and smoothness of the skin.
Medical use:
- atopic dermatitis
- psoriasis
- skin that is dry and irritated, scalded, sunburnt and after radiotherapy
- skin after cosmetic surgeries
- bedsores
- scars
  • Airless bottle
  • Packaging available:
    15 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml
Cosmetic use:
- dry skin
- wrinkles
- scars
- weak hair
  • universal dressing for all kinds of wounds
  • form of porous sponge
  • freeze-dried from pure collagen
  • totally resorbable within the wound
  • sterile
  • airtight package
  • available diameters: 30 mm, 40 mm, 60 mm
  • options for making other sizes and shapes as necessary

The only dressing to contain bioactive tropocollagen

- all types of wounds
- at every stage of healing
- internal use is also possible
What makes our products unique?
  • Our wound dressings contain tropocollagen obtained from fish skin of selected species, using an innovative method. They are absolutely safe for the human organism, unlike dressings containing bovine, porcine or equine collagen which may contain pathogens and allergens.
  • They contain bioactive tropocollagen, with preserved spacial α-helix structure, assimilable by the organism and used for rebuilding the damaged collagen structure, as opposed to other collagen dressings which do not demonstrate bioactivity.
  • They are 100% collagen dressings - they do not contain other polymers.
  • Not only do our dressings ensure a proper wound healing environment, but also provide material for building the extracellular matrix and actively trigger cell proliferation.
  • Unlike other dressings, they are totally resorbable, they do not require replacing. Inside them, there is just pure collagen, which is built into the structure of the tissue.
  • They are universal: effective in healing
    • all types of wounds
    • in all patients
    • at each stage of wound healing
  • The raw material and technology of our dressings guarantee their general availability.
How does our unique dressing work?